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Shell adjusts domestic LPG price

Shell Hong Kong Limited announces that there will be a price decrease on Shell domestic LPG of HK$0.95 per kg and HK$2.32 per cubic metre according to the current pricing mechanism. Effective from 0000 hours on January 26, 2013 (Saturday), the new wholesale price for domestic cylinder LPG will be HK$13.53 per kg, and the listed price for domestic piped-in LPG will be HK$39.90 per cubic metre.
Shell adjusts domestic LPG price
New pricing details are as follows:

New Price
Shell Gas – Domestic Cylinder Wholesale Price (HK$ per kg) $13.53
Shell Gas – Domestic Piped-in List Price (HK$ per cubic metre) $39.90

The current pricing mechanism of domestic LPG has been in place since January 1999. The price is reviewed every quarter. The adjustment reflects mainly the difference between the forecast and actual import prices for the past quarter and the forecast price for the coming quarter. Prudent adjustment is made for every price review based on the latest import price figures. An annual review of operating cost is incorporated and reflected every January.

Shell will continue to closely monitor the import prices, and will certainly reduce LPG prices through the pricing mechanism should import costs decrease.

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