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Find out how Shell provides reliable sales and distribution services of heating fuel and related products and services to residential and commercial customers. Shell helps ensure that your home is always warm and comfortable, even during the coldest months.

Shell Gas (LPG)

LPG can be used both inside and outside your home, including heating, hot water, cooking and swimming pools.

Health and Safety

Cleaner burning and reliable, LPG gives you excellent control and flexibility to meet your specific needs.

News and quick downloads

Various information of LPG for download, including safety leaflets and the latest promotion details.

LPG Online Meter Reporting

Report your meter reading here.

Bank Autopay Application

Autopay is a convenient way to settle your bill.

LPG Appliance Gallery

Various high quality LPG appliances to use with Shell Gas.

Corporate Referral / Recommend a Friend

Fill in the form to submit details of potential leads / friends who are interested in our service.


Shell Gas(LPG) promotion of Hong Kong and Macau

Frequently Asked Questions

Provides solutions for general enquiries for instance, account opening, account termination, service fee, meter reading method and payment method.

Contact Us

For interested in our service or with any queries, please contact us.

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