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  • Save time with less administration
  • Enable your drivers to pay without cash
  • Reliable and secure fuel payment method
  • Control your drivers’ expenditure
  • Access the large fuel network in Hong Kong.
  • Lower your CO2 footprint


  • One clear and simple invoice for entire fleet
  • Anti-fraud security
  • Email alerts, reports and 24 / 7 online account management
  • Easy card deck management

Features of the Shell Fleet Card  

We started the very first fuel card over fifty years ago. Since then, we’ve introduced a range of refined features:

  • Enhanced security to prevent fraud
  • Greater control of transactions
  • Increased access to our network; efficient, safe and well-serviced stations.

What’s more, you have the added satisfaction of knowing that your vehicles are powered by the market leader in top-quality fuels. With over a hundred years of research and development, we have reached some impressive milestones. The first ever diesel car to win Le Mans was powered by Shell fuel. And in 2006, we set the Guinness world record for fuel economy.


Control and Security - Tailored and reliable safeguards and controls


Limit your exposure

You decide which products your drivers can purchase. You can change or customise these options anytime. And every card is protected by an individual PIN code.

We actively monitor account usage, authorising each transaction online.  If you’ve activated e-alerts, we’ll email you about all unusual purchases. In an emergency, we can instantly block a card 24/7.

For online transactions we check that:

  • The card is valid
  • The PIN is correct
  • You have authorised the purchase of these products
  • The total cost of the transaction is within your preset limit


Keeping You in Charge

The Shell Card helps you monitor and control your drivers’ fuel spend. With Shell Card Online , it’s easy and convenient to manage all your company’s cards and analyse fleet costs through a series of powerful reports.You can also place limits on your drivers’ purchases and can receive alerts about all irregular transactions.


Network - We are where you are  

As a Shell Card customer, your drivers can enjoy cashless payment at all Shell outlets across Hong Kong.  At our safe sites your drivers can:

  • Quickly refuel and freshen up before their next meeting
  • Get good quality convenience store items


Online Services  

Manage your Shell account online - save time and get an accurate picture of fuel consumption across your fleet.

Shell fleet Online services

With Shell fleet Card Online, it’s easy and convenient to manage all your company’s cards and analyse fleet costs through a series of powerful reports. You’ll have 24/7 access to your Shell fleet Card transactional data, within a secure online environment.

Email Alarms and Reports

Enjoy the convenience of receiving your management information automatically by email.

Apply for a Shell Fleet Card

Download the Shell Card Application form now and get ready the necessary documents:

  1. Completed Direct Debit Authorization (Compulsory)
  2. Hong Kong Vehicle Registration Document of all vehicle(s) included in this applications
  3. Hong Kong I.D. Card/ Passport of the application (Director/Proprietor/Partner)
  4. Your driver's Hong Kong I.D. Card/Passport (If their names are to be printed on the Cards)
  5. Bussiness Registration Certificate
  6. Certificate of Incorporation

This Online Application Portal captures personal information for the purposes of pre-populating the Shell Card Account Application Form, but we do not otherwise retain any personal information until a signed Application Form is received by us. 

Should you have any enquiries when you apply the Shell Card Application, call us directly on 2506 1000