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Bonus Card Rebate 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the “Shell Bonus Card All-Round Rebates” promotion held?

    From 1 January to 31 December 2016, customers can get a MOP$50 Shell gasoline voucher reward for every MOP$1,500 (net of coupon) spending at any Shell stations in Macau (“Eligible Spending”).

    • Purchase Shell FuelSave and Shell V-Power Nitro+ with Shell Bonus Card;
    • Purchase Shell Lubricant Products with Shell Bonus Card.
  2. How do I register for the promotion?

    Shell Bonus Card customers can accumulate spending by refueling gasoline with Shell Bonus Card. The earliest date of eligible spending is 1 January 2016.

  3. I have just applied for Shell Bonus Card, when can I register on Shellsmart.com? 

    In general, customers can go to Shellsmart.com to complete online registration about 3 weeks after they have submitted the application form.

  4. I have Shell fleet card, can I participate in this promotion?

    Sorry, but this promotion is only applicable to Shell Bonus Card customers.

  5. During 1 – 31 August, I spent MOP$500 on Shell Fuel Economy and MOP$800 on Shell V-Power Nitro+, how many vouchers do I get? 

    MOP$800 spending on Shell V-Power Nitro+ would be accrued as MOP$1000. Plus MOP$500 spending on Shell Fuel Economy; the total accumulation would be MOP$1500, which is eligible for one MOP$50 voucher.

  6. I have accumulated MOP$3500 spending on gasoline, how many vouchers do I get? 

    With MOP$3000 accumulated spending, you are eligible for two MOP$50 reward vouchers; the remaining MOP$500 will be accrued for meeting the spending requirement in the remaining of promotion period.

  7. If I visit Shell station 10 times and spend MOP$300 on gasoline each time, can I enjoy rebate?

    Yes. This promotion requires a customer to accumulate MOP$1500 spending to enjoy a MOP$50 reward voucher, and does not limit the number of visits.

  8. When will the fuel vouchers be sent out? Is a voucher sent out every time the spending requirement of MOP$1500 is met? 

    The cut-off days of spending accumulation is the end of each month. Shell will send out SMS reminder according to the spending amount of customers. If the amount does not meet MOP$1500, it will be accrued for meeting the spending requirement in the remaining of promotion period.

  9. How do I get my reward fuel vouchers? 

    Reward will be delivered to customers via SMS in the form of electronic voucher. A smartphone with internet access is required to access the electronic voucher.

  10. Can I participate in the promotion by making purchases with fuel coupons or discounts?

    Sorry, the spending amount to be accrued in this promotion must be net of fuel coupons and discounts.

  11. May I use more than one Shell Bonus Card in this promotion?

    Customers should use one Shell Bonus Card to accrue spending, since both Shell Bonus Card and the accrued spending amounts shall not be transferable.

  12. I forgot to bring my Shell Bonus Card when I refilled. Is that purchase amount eligible?

    Customers must present Shell Bonus Card at refill in order to accrue purchase amounts.

  13. How can I check the spending amount that I have accumulated?

    Customers can log in to Shellsmart.com to check the spending history 24 hours after registration.

  14. How do I know if I have earned a reward voucher successfully?

    You will receive an SMS message informing you the amount of reward voucher that you will enjoy. You can also log in to Shellsmart.com to check your transaction history.

  15. Is there an enquiry hotline for the promotion?

    For enquiries, please contact Shell Bonus Card Service Centre (853) 6262 6379.

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