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Image of thermometer

Myth #1:

Fill up when it’s cooler

Facts:  The thinking goes: colder fuel will have a higher density, giving you more energy per litre at the pump. However, fuel is kept in underground storage tanks that maintain a constant temperature. Which means air temperature has little effect on your fuel’s density.


Image of car engine

Myth #2:

Restarting your engine uses more fuel than running idle

Facts: If your engine’s running, it’s using up fuel. As a rule if you’re stopping for over 10 seconds, switch off your engine. 

Image of car air filter

Myth #3:

Changing your air filter always saves fuel

Facts: Modern cars have a computerized system designed to regulate fuel flow – so a small difference in airflow is unlikely use more fuel. However, if the air filter does get blocked the overall engine performance is likely to be reduced so it’s good to keep up regular maintenance.

Image of car gear stick

Myth #4:

Cruising in neutral uses no fuel

Fact: It is extremely dangerous to drive in “neutral” as you are not in full control of the vehicle. Concerning fuel consumption cruising in neutral can use more fuel than driving in gear because the amount of fuel required to maintain optimum performance is determined by the Engine Management System. In many vehicles, fuel supply is essentially stopped when the foot is taken off the accelerator pedal whilst travelling in gear, whereas under conditions of idle (neutral / no gear), fuel is supplied to the engine to keep the engine running

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