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Filling up the tank

Shell FuelSave Diesel is our regular priced fuel that’s designed to ignite faster and burn more effectively. This can increase the efficiency of your engine and improve fuel economy.

Shell FuelSave Diesel is:

• Designed to ignite faster and burn more effectively *thus can help improve fuel economy

• Designed using special detergents helping maintain engine condition by helping prevent build-up of injector deposits

Smiling man in white lab coat with Shell Pecten on the coat pocket

The work of passionate experts

Shell FuelSave Diesel is the product of the expertise of Shell scientists and the extensive trials they put all of our fuels through.

At Shell we’re passionate about fuel efficiency. That’s why we’ve put together a series of Fuel Saving Tips for our customers. These show you even more ways that, in combination with buying Shell FuelSave, you can be more fuel efficient.

Shell FuelSave Diesel Infographic - Benefits explained

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*comparison between a standard petrol/diesel and that same petrol/diesel [of the same bio-content] containing our fuel economy formula. Savings may vary according to vehicle/driving conditions and driving style.