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Every minute of every day, Shell not only powers up our city’s vehicles but also injects positive energy into the community. As a market leader in Hong Kong and Macau, Shell is renowned for its unrelenting pursuit of excellence as well as its high standards of performance and ethical behaviour, as highlighted through its core values of honesty, integrity, and respect for people.

Within each brightly lit and spacious Shell station, the faint scent of petrol is always accompanied by the warmth and friendliness of Shell staff members, who take immense pride in their work as they serve their customers every day. A simple smile or a quick thank you from a customer is our greatest reward, and we are committed to honouring our values to deliver the best service possible.

On a message board at the Shatin Heights Shell station, we recently noticed a message that was left by a customer showing his gratitude to our Customer Service Officer, May, and our Duty Manager, Chung. The customer had visited our station one day along with his wife and baby. Upon noticing that the mother and baby were experiencing a diaper emergency of sorts, May and Chung immediately led them to the station’s changing facilities, allowing the mother to change her baby’s diaper in a bright and well-equipped area.

As the mother was trying to juggle a multitude of things including the baby, wet wipes, and diapers, May ensured that she was by her side every step of the way, assisting her throughout the entire process. And though it was a simple and small gesture, the family was extremely grateful for the help of these two staff members, leaving a message that read, “May and Chung treated me and my family very nice… I am really touched by their hospitality.”

Observe. Serve. Extend help before a customer asks. These are the values and attitudes that every Shell staff member embraces as they serve our customers.

(Updated on 20 September 2016)