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Yellow heavy-duty truck driving on the road

Keeping your fleet on the road and running efficiently can be critical for a profitable business. We understand that to be competitive, you need your vehicles to be safe and reliable, and to have high availability.
Shell has a wide range of oils and greases designed to protect your investment, help you reduce operating costs, and comply with environmental standards. This range includes the latest-technology synthetic lubricants for Shell's ultimate performance. Choosing the right lubricants and services can help to make a real difference to your entire operation.

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Fleet product range

Heavy-duty diesel engine oils

High quality oil can help protect your equipment and maximise value. We have a whole range of protective products.

Axle and transmission oils

Discover how Shell oils protect axles and gears from wear to help reduce maintenance costs, extend vehicle life and maximise your return on investment.


The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last. Find out how Shell products are designed to outperform conventional greases.

Benefits of working with Shell

Fleet case studies

Find out how Shell lubricants are improving the performance of vehicle fleets all over the world.

Services for the fleet industry

We have a whole suite of lubricant-related services to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to choose and use the right lubricants for maximum efficiency.