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At Shell we work closely with our customers to assess the benefits of our oils and greases in their operations. This way we can test the performance of our lubricants beyond the laboratory in challenging working situations, to demonstrate that they provide real-world value. To find out how Shell lubricants and services are adding value in your sector, see these case studies taken from various industries.

View industry case studies

Automotive components case studies

Discover how our automotive components expertise has been of value to businesses around the world.

Aviation case studies (opening on Shell.com in English)

Find out how Orient Thai Airlines used AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 to improve lubricating performance, lower coking and increase thermal stability

Construction case studies

See some of the ways we’ve been able to help businesses in the construction industry to work more efficiently and effectively.

Fleet case studies

Find out how Shell lubricants are improving the performance of vehicle fleets all over the world.

Manufacturing case studies

Find out how we are helping manufacturers around the world to improve the ways they work.

Metals case studies

See how businesses operating in metals industries are achieving even greater success with Shell lubricants.

Mining case studies

Discover how we are helping mining businesses around the world solve problems and save money.

Power case studies

We’re helping businesses all over the world to maintain and improve their power equipment. Find out more.