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Shell Mysella Argina product range pails

To meet the challenges of a wide range of applications, Shell’s portfolio of stationary engine oils enables you to choose a product to match your needs. The range is designed to deliver optimum value to your operation through factors like enhanced equipment protection and high system efficiency. Customers have reported significant annual savings thanks to reduced downtime, increased oil life and longer oil-drain intervals.

The Shell range

Shell Argina, Gadina, Mysella brochure (PDF, 370 KB) - opens in new window

Shell’s range of power-generation engine oils are designed to minimise deposit build-up and to keep your engine clean. Explore the range.

Shell Mysella LA (PDF, 1181 KB) - opens in new window

Low-ash oil - ideal for all four-stroke engines burning natural and sour gas, dual-fuel engines and gas compressor sets.