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Shell Diala product range pails

To help your transformer perform to its design standards, an electrical insulating oil must maintain its characteristics over a wide range of operating temperatures. All Shell Diala electrical oils are designed to offer excellent heat transfer and dielectric properties, even at the lowest start-up operating temperatures. In addition, Shell Diala oils are formulated to offer excellent resistance to the effects of ageing, sludge formation and deposit build-up.

The Shell Diala range

Shell Diala brochure (PDF, 296 KB) - opens in new window

Choose from our Diala range of electrical oils to find the best possible protection for your high-value assets.

Shell Diala S3 ZX-I (PDF, 1189 KB) - opens in new window

Extra performance premium inhibited electrical oil designed to meet IEC 60296, with high oxidation stability and low sulphur content.