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The countless end products made from petrochemicals are all around us in our modern world. Paints, detergents, computers, mobile phones, medicines, waterproof clothing, adhesive tapes, and refrigerators are just some of the many everyday items that depend upon the products of the petrochemical industry. In our homes, at work, when travelling and at play, petrochemicals help to make our lives safer, cleaner, more comfortable and more colourful.

Which products do we make?

The products made by the Shell chemicals companies range from basic petrochemical building blocks, such as ethylene and propylene, to intermediates such as styrene monomer, ethylene glycol, solvents and detergent alcohols. For a full list of products made by Shell chemicals companies visit  our products.

Where do we make petrochemicals?

Shell chemicals companies have manufacturing facilities located close to all of the main chemical markets of the world. In 2006, a new joint venture facility (pictures) came on-stream in China, extending our presence in the growing Asia Pacific region. .

Shell researchers have developed many of the leading technologies used in these plants and, today, process developments continue to be made at our main research centres in Texas and the Netherlands. A key driver for new technologies is our firm commitment to sustainable development, with new ways being continually sought to reduce energy, conserve resources and limit our environmental impact. Please go to our locations for full details on all of our manufacturing and research facilities

How can you buy our products?

We supply our products in bulk quantities to large industrial customers. If you are interested in doing business with us, we recommend you start by using our sales contact finder. This will tell you whether we are able to meet your product needs and will provide you with the necessary contact details for either our own sales team or one of our approved distributors.

Want to know more?

There is a wealth of further information on Shell Chemicals at our global website. Please visit www.shell.com/chemicals to find out more.