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When you're with Shell, you are much more than a customer, you're also at the centre of an extensive support network, with a team or professional and dedicated staff working to ensure you always enjoy smooth and efficient operations. Here at Shell, we're proud to be one of the powers behind your success.

Key facts about us:

We helped industrial customers to migrate from previously widely used 0.5%S industrial diesel to 50ppm diesel in 2008, by providing guidance in transition measures and with no incidence of product contamination.

We universally introduced a new Electronic Delivery Record System throughout our delivery fleet for construction sites in 2009, which makes us the first fuel supplier to provide a more accurate and efficient way to manage fuel consumption as opposed to traditional practices.

We are accredited by key customers as a supplier with a high safety standard and are appreciated for improving safety performance at customer sites.

We provide an Internet platform for customers to place orders or make enquiries round the clock.

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