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Industrial Diesel

We help to keep the wheels of numerous industries turning by providing diesel for use in many sectors including construction, container terminals and manufacturing.  Our premium products will help you keep pace with advanced product specifications and environmental regulations alike.

We work closely with industries and individual customers to develop fuel solutions that can address the needs of the diverse and challenging markets in which our customers operate, as well as the technical requirements of their machinery and operations.

Shell ULSD (Marked)
The sulphur content in Industrial Diesel has been significantly reduced from <0.5% previously to <50ppm currently as required by the Air Pollution Control Regulation.

Under this requirement, we started to supply Shell ULSD (marked) with sulphur content <50ppm to industrial customers in 2008, with the aim of supporting your business through high quality fuels that can ensure legal compliance without compromising machine performance.

Automotive Diesel

Transport is at the heart of our business as much as it is at the heart of yours. We understand and work to address your need for a reliable and convenient supply of high quality fuels that can make running your business easier for you.

In today's highly competitive transportation market, choosing a reliable and high quality fuel supplier is critical.

We are focused on providing you with fuel solutions designed to maintain the operating efficiency of your vehicles and help you get the most out of your business investment. What’s more, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to environmental issues; our team of researchers are developing fuels that can help to reduce CO2 and smoke emissions from your vehicle.

Whenever you need fuel, we can offer you a range of high quality fuels, on the road, in our service station network, and in bulk, delivered to you or picked up.

Shell Diesel / Shell NZSD (Marked)
For over 100 years, Shell has been committed to improving fuel economy. Each of our fuels undergoes rigorous testing at each stage of development.

Shell Diesel with fuel economy formula is designed to maintain the long-term operating efficiency of your vehicles, helping you get the most out of your business investment.

Shell Diesel with fuel economy formula is designed to help:

  • save fuel
  • lower CO2 and smoke emissions
  • reduce fall-off in performance
  • prevent fuel system corrosion
  • reduce foaming when refuelling
  • reduce maintenance costs

Sustainable Mobility

At Shell, our business principles include a commitment to sustainable development, which for us means helping to meet the world’s growing energy needs in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways.

As one of the largest transport fuel providers, we are working to address the energy challenge by:

Reference Pricing Information

Recent ex-terminal list price:

Recent ex-terminal list price:

  HK$/ Litre Effective Date
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 14.18 19.01.2015
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 14.18  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 14.43 09.01.2015
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 14.43  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 14.63 16.12.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 14.63  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 14.83 10.12.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 14.83  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.03 18.11.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.03  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.23 24.10.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.23  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.38 30.08.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.38  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 14.03 08.08.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 14.03  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.13 02.08.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.13  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.38 11.07.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.38  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.53 28.06.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.53  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.38 13.06.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.38  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.53 13.05.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.53  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.63 23.04.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.63  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.43 16.03.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.43  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.53 21.02.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.53  
NZSD (Duty Exempted) 15.43 08.01.2014
NZSD (Duty Exempted Marked) 15.43