Join Standard Chartered Priority Banking to experience a new level of personalised wealth management services! Shell customers will enjoy the following fabulous rewards when sign up on or before 31 December 2016:

  1. Extra reward for Shell customers1
    HKD400 Shell Gift Voucher

  2. Priority Banking Welcome Privileges2
    Set-up a 4-month Asia Miles Time Deposit3 with new funds of HKD1,000,000 to enjoy 55,000 Asia Miles4

  3. Lucky Draw exclusively for new Priority Banking clients2,5 to share a total of 100 million Asia Miles4
    Guaranteed prizes include:
    • 15,000 Asia Miles4; or
    • 30,000 Asia Miles4; or
    • 60,000 Asia Miles4

For enquiries, please call hotline 2886 8866.

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1. This offer is only applicable to Shell customers who are the recipients of this email. Shell customers must apply for Integrated Deposits Account through the designated online form of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”) and sign up for Priority Banking at any of our branches and fulfill the designated requirements.

2. This offer is ONLY applicable to New Client NOT holding any banking products or services with or distributed by the Bank (including but not limited to deposit account, investment service and insurance products underwritten by the third party insurer) in the past 12 months from the date of Priority Banking sign-up except Standard Chartered Credit Cards.

3. Eligible clients must successfully set up HKD Time Deposits at 0.01% p.a. interest rate in sole name with new funds. New Funds for Asia Miles Time Deposit Rewards refer to monies newly deposited into the Bank within 3 days before Time Deposit account opening date via cash, cheque, cashier’s order, inward CHATs or Telegraphic Transfer from other banks. It excludes the renewal or rollover of existing time deposits, transfer of funds from any account within the Bank or any currency converted from Premium Deposits upon maturity.

4. For any Asia MilesTM rewards, eligible clients must submit accurate Asia Miles membership information via online registration form on within 2 weeks after signing up for Priority Banking. The relevant Asia Miles will be credited directly to the eligible client's Asia Miles membership account. 

5. There are total 6,000 winners for the Prizes. Prizes will be drawn randomly by computer system and winners will be notified of the Lucky Draw result instantly. Winners are required to sign an acknowledgement note on which the Prizes, the relevant account number and reference number will be indicated. Each eligible client will be entitled to enter the Lucky Draw only ONCE during the Promotion Period. The Lucky Draw Prizes are available while stocks last and on a first-come-first-served basis. The Bank reserves the right to end the Lucky Draw without prior notice.  

All the above rewards are subject to the relevant terms and conditions.

If the average daily Relationship Balance of the Client within the quarter falls below HKD1,000,000, a maintenance fee of HKD900 will be charged for the quarter. For details, please refer to the Service Charges booklet and Banking Terms & Conditions which can be obtained at any of our branches or at our website

Important Notes for Priority Banking:

  • Extract from the Bank's Service Charges: Priority Banking Client – "Relationship Balance" includes the aggregate balance of deposits, investments, accumulated premiums of selected insurance, utilised amounts of secured/unsecured overdraft facilities, outstanding balances on Standard Chartered credit cards^ and outstanding balances of Standard Chartered Personal Loans you maintain with the Bank under personal accounts.
    ^Standard Chartered credit cards refer to Standard Chartered Credit Card, Standard Chartered WorldMiles Card and Standard Chartered co-branded credit card (including supplementary cards and corporate cards) issued by the Bank. Outstanding balances on supplementary cards will contribute to the Relationship Balance of the principal cardholder only.

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