Designed to help revitalize your engine performance with every fill

Over time, deposits build up in your car’s engine resulting in reduced performance. That’s why Shell has developed Shell V-Power Nitro+ with unique features designed to help improve your engine's performance. No matter what type of car you drive, Shell V-Power Nitro+ is formulated to help clean and protect your engine in order to unleash your car’s performance.

Unique Double Action Formulation designed to actively clean existing power-robbing engine deposits

Contains 25% more friction reducer compared to Shell V-Power – formulated to instantly reduce friction in critical engine areas to help deliver more power to the wheels.

Use Shell V-Power Nitro+ continuously to help boost your engine performing back to its full potential; to keep you ahead and unleash your car’s performance.


Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle, age of vehicle, driving conditions and driving style. Actual potential benefits of Shell V-Power Nitro+ relate to a detergency element which is designed to help clean up existing deposits in your engine.

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