green Lamborghini Veneno sports car

Phase 1: Lamborghini Veneno

Limited production supercar built in celebration of Automobili Lamborghini 50th anniversary. 5 models were built and only 3 were for sale.

black Hummer H2T car

Phase 2: Hummer H2T

The only truck designed to have the letters “Hummer” between the grille, with a brilliant “mountain climbing” function.

Red Mustang FR500C sports car

Phase 3: Mustang FR500C

Nicknamed “Boy Racer”, won the Championships for Manufacturer, Team and Driver in Grand-Am Cup Grand Sport competition.

blue Mini Cooper car

Phase 4: Mini Cooper

Created by John Cooper, owner of Cooper Car Company, designer and builder of Formula One and rally cars. Three time champion in Monte Carlo Rally.

Orange Corvette C6.R sports car

Phase 5: Corvette C6.R

A grand tourer racing car built for competitive endurance racing, dominating GTI competition in the United States & Europe.

white Audi R8 V10 sports car

Phase 6: Audi R8 V10

Exclusively designed and manufactured by Quattro GmbH and is based on Lamborghini Gallardo platform.

Limited Edition Shell Station

Phase 7: Limited Edition Shell Station

Replicate the real Shell Station design and can be played together with the 3D puzzle car models, showcasing the ultimate performance of the iconic cars, brought by refueling the premium Shell V-Power Nitro+. A perfect self-assembly playset for motorists, car lovers and families alike.

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Paving the Way for Underprivileged Kids

Through your support to the Shell V-Power Dynamic Drive model redemption, Shell will donate to support the Grant-in-aid Brightens Children’s Lives Service of St. James’ Settlement.