Lady washing her face


Washing your face doesn’t only make you feel cleaner, it works hard to remove makeup, oil, dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and impurities.

The type of cleanser you pick is one of the most important factors to maintain glowing skin – using non-abrasive cleanser that is best for your skin type, and be sure to pat dry with a towel will keep your skin in sparkling condition!1


Washing your face reduces the risk of suffering from sensitive skin or bacteria invasion.

It can even help alleviate skin conditions like eczema, acne or rosacea2, and the right cleanser can moisturize your skin to prevent uncomfortable dry skin, and make you look more attractive by protecting skin elasticity3.

Keeping up good habits

Most people know great skin starts with thorough cleansing. But how often you should wash your face to keep it in tip-top condition?

Dermatologists recommend that you wash your face twice a day.

Start in the morning when you wake up, to remove the dirt and bacteria that gathers on your face while you’re sleeping. Repeat at night before bed, to take off makeup and the grime collected throughout the day4.

So, how does face washing relate to revitalizing your car engine performance?

As your long-term partner on the road, Shell understands you do not see your car as merely a vehicle. Just like the children’s song “This is the way”, your car can be a symbol of happy childhood memory that reminds you of the time when your parents drove you around; or it can be your nanny that first took you to explore the world when you were tiny. If your car is such a valuable and old-time buddy, what more would you have done to keep it at its best?

Choosing performance fuel for your car engine is no different from finding the best cleanser for your face.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ is the fuel that contains Unique Double Action Formulation designed to actively clean existing power-robbing engine deposits and reduce friction to help deliver more power. It contains 25% more friction reducers compared to the previous formulation. As well as protecting the engine, Shell V-Power Nitro+ contains Friction Modification Technology which is designed to deliver more power to the wheels.

Tested and approved by Shell scientists with laboratory experiments, Shell V-Power Nitro+ is designed to help revitalize your engine performance with every fill and help unleash your engine’s ultimate potential, making every drive a smooth and exciting experience.

If you are already cleansing and protecting your skin every day, it is time for you to rethink how that could be extended to your loved one – your car.

Treat your car engine the way it deserves and join us in bringing out the best of yourself and your car!






Actual effects and benefits of Shell V-Power Nitro+ may vary according to vehicle, age of vehicle, driving conditions and driving style. Actual potential benefits of Shell V-Power Nitro+ relate to a detergency element which is designed to help clean up existing deposits in your engine.

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