Shell Nature Watch- Butterfly Explorer has been co-organised by Shell HK Limited and Green Power since 2004. It is the first local large scale educational and monitoring programme with butterflies as the theme. Starting from community promotion, school education and ecological surveys, we organised various activities to increase public awareness of and concern of butterflies, aiming to protect local butterfly diversity.

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Highlights of 2016 Programme

7.14 We Love Butterflies Day : 1st stipulated day in Hong Kong to conserve and care for at type of animal

Celebrities : 7 political celebrities and artists call for butterfly conservation

BUTTERFLY WONDERLAND Upcycling Art Parade : Collaborates with Mr. Wong Tin-yan, using upcycling wood waste to make large wood butterflies and caterpillar art pieces

Butterfly Ambassador : Mobilizing the public to participate in promoting butterfly conservation

Butterfly surveyor : Discovery of a new butterfly record in Hong Kong

Shell Butterfly Club : 1st butterfly club for all Hong Kong citizens to join

(1) 7.14 We Love Butterflies Day x Celebrities

Hong Kong is home to more than 260 butterfly species, which is one-tenth the total for China. Hong Kong can be described as a "butterfly paradise". Butterflies catch people’s attention with their varied colours and elegant poses. They are the most beautiful guides in nature, leading people to an appreciation of the magnificent natural world. Since 2013, July 14 has become "We Love Butterflies Day" in the city of Hong Kong when butterfly care and conservation is advocated.

7 political celebrities and artists is honored to be the “Butterfly Ambassador”, including Christine Loh Kung-wai JP, Under Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR, Bernard Charnwut Chan GBS, JP, the Executive Council Members, artist Sammy Wong, singer Kandy Wong, singer JW, photographer Karen and local famous wood artist Wong Tin-yan. They used and upgraded wood waste to be colorful wooden wood butterflies and caterpillar art pieces. Those art pieces will be exhibited in the upcoming BUTTERFLY WONDERLAND Upcycling Art Parade advocating butterfly conservation message to everywhere. Those art exhibits will be displayed in the upcoming BUTTERFLY WONDERLAND Upcycling Art Parade.

(2) BUTTERFLY WONDERLAND Upcycling Art Parade

In collaboration with Mr. Wong Tin-yan, using upcycling wood waste to make large wood butterflies and caterpillar art pieces. Caterpillar is alike wood waste which is small and not favorable. However, when caterpillar turns into butterfly, it becomes attractive and shiny. With the professions of artist, wood waste can become admirable art pieces.

All art pieces will be gathered together and displayed in the art exhibition to allow the public to enter the life-cycle of butterfly, from caterpillar to butterfly, to experience the transformation of butterfly from mid-August. In November, Butterfly Handcraft Market will be held during one of weekend in the exhibition to engage public participation. Tremendous local artists and artist groups is going to demonstrating their unique handmade products with a series of workshops for the public as well.

(3) Butterfly Ambassador

Gathering the public together to promote butterfly conservation. Welcome 9 to over 70 in years of age joining to be Butterfly Ambassador. Butterfly Ambassadors are trained to promote butterfly conservation in the community and schools to spread the message to different sectors of society. Through classroom and outdoor training, Butterfly Ambassadors are equipped with knowledge of butterfly ecology, identification techniques and tour guide skills. They can organize a variety of promotional activities in the community after training, including the upcoming BUTTERFLY WONDERLAND Upcycling Art Parade.

Enrolment:From now due 22 July 2016(

(4) Butterfly Surveyor Scheme

The Butterfly Surveyor Scheme has been mobilizing the public to participate in butterfly biodiversity survey in Hong Kong since 2008. Comprehensive indoor and outdoor trainings on butterfly classification and monitoring will be provided to participants. Qualified butterfly surveyors will monitor butterfly biodiversity at 10 designated butterfly hotspots.
There are currently 248 Butterfly Surveyors, and ten butterfly monitoring hotspots include San Tau (Tung Chung), Luk Keng (Fanling), Wu Kau Tang (Tai Po), She Shan and Ng Tung Chai (Lam Tsuen, Tai Po) , Yuen Tun Ha (Tai Po) , Yung Shue O and Sham Chung (Sai Kung) , Sha Tau Kok, Pak Sha O and Lai Chi Chong (Sai Kung) , Mui Wo (Lantau Island) and Ho Sheung Heung - Long Valley - Lok Ma Chau.

(5) Shell Butterfly Club

Shell Butterfly Club, established in 2006, is the first butterfly club for all Hong Kong citizens to join. It is a fun and interactive platform gathering butterfly enthusiasts in Hong Kong through diversified member activities.

More than 87,000 members. Every year, there are around 2,500 new members joining the club, with more than 4,000,000 interactive participation.

The B Fun Rewards Scheme has been receiving overwhelming support from the members and helped enhancing the commitment of members to the club.

Various activities and gifts will continue to be available for members to encourage members’ engagement in the club. Member tier-system will continue to enhance member cohesion.

Round the year enrolment of Shell Butterfly Club:
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Butterfly Net

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Instagram : @butterflycare

Enquiry : 3961 0200

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