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Demand for homes, commercial areas and city infrastructure is ever rising. At the same time, pressing deadlines, higher operating costs and growing environmental concerns can put your business under increasing pressure.

Equipment efficiency and site sustainability have become keys for success, both now and in the future.

Our energy solutions and expert partnership can help you stay competitive and take your business to new heights.

The challenge for site managers¹

  • 47% of businesses identify the drive to increase efficiency as their biggest challenge

  • Only 16% of businesses claim to manage their fuel "very effectively"

  • Over half say they could reduce operating costs by 10% or more each month if they were able to manage fuel usage costs effectively

1Based on a survey with decision making staff from the Construction industry, commissioned by Shell and conducted by Edelman Intelligence.

What our customers say

Our vehicles are required to run for long hours each day to maximise productivity, and New Shell FuelSave Diesel with DYNAFLEX Technology helps us to achieve this and gives us peace of mind.


Chung Nyap Yoon is an established construction company in Malaysia, They has trusted Shell Commercial Fuels to deliver quality products and service since 1990 to support their reliable construction projects.