New Shell FuelSave Diesel

Role of engine cleanliness

Diesel engine technology is advancing, placing new and changing demands on fuels. Deposits in the injector nozzles of high precision diesel engines can lead to less efficient combustion, resulting in torque loss, higher fuel consumption and in turn higher exhaust CO2 emissions.

New technology1 for engine efficiency

New Shell FuelSave Diesel has been specifically formulated with our new, exclusive DYNAFLEX Technology2. It is designed to help clean up the engine from injector deposits and so help provide better fuel economy and more load-pulling power when needed3.

Get more out of your fleetwith our most advanced cleaning formula1

Better fuel economy3

New clean-up effect: NEW Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to help provide better fuel economy3 and therefore help reduce your fuel and operating costs4 by helping clean up the engine from injector deposits and prevent further build-up.

More power to your wheels3

Starts to work even after one tank: NEW Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to improve engine efficiency3 and give more load-pulling power when needed3.

Vehicle reliability4

Improved fuel stability4: NEW Shell FuelSave Diesel can help you use fuels with bio components and reduce risk of fuel degradation and sludge build-up3, therefore helping improve vehicle reliability4.

  1. Compared to our previous formulation.
  2. DYNAFLEX Technology or DYNAFLEX formulation are our names for our latest generation of advanced formulations for gasoline and diesel fuels.
  3. Compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula. Actual savings may vary according to vehicle, driving conditions and driving style. Internal Shell tests and with our customers have shown a range of fuel savings depending on age of vehicle and type of operations.
  4. New Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to help provide better fuel economy and therefore helps lower operating costs. It helps improve oxidation stability and keep fuel more stable in presence of bio components. It is designed to help you use fuels with bio components and reduce risk of fuel degradation and sludge build-up – therefore helping improve equipment reliability. As experienced by some customers rather than Shell protocols. Benefits will vary according to type of operation, vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.

Shell Euro V Diesel B5

What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel (or FAME) is a type of diesel fuel that is made from vegetable or animal oil rather than fossil crude oil. FAME stands for Fatty Acid Methyl Ester and is produced via a chemical transformation of vegetable oils (e.g. rapeseed, soy) into their corresponding esters. Until that transformation (called transesterification) takes place, cooking oils and other vegetable oils are simply the feedstock for biodiesel production.

As such they are unsuitable for use as fuels in modern diesel engines. Biodiesel can be used in neat form or as a blend component at different levels that can be used in many heavy-duty diesel engines.* Customers who use products with bio content in heavyduty vehicles, particularly at levels higher than 10%, need to be aware that some properties of biodiesel are different to those of conventional diesel. This warrants certain changes in the way fuels with higher bio concentrations are stored and handled.

* Vehicle manufacturers’ advice should be sought before running vehicles on neat biodiesel (or blends higher than the typical market level).

Why use Biodiesel?

  • Lower “well-to-wheel” CO2 alternative to conventional diesel and a step towards alternative industrial fuels.**
  • Helps diversify the liquid road transport and industrial fuel pool.
  • Helps to improves energy security – particularly when domestic raw or waste materials are used which are produced sustainably.
  • OEMs generally accept biodiesel blends up to B7 as part of the European specification for diesel fuel, EN590, ASTM D6751 or equivalent.
    ** Depends on several factors, such as how the raw materials are produced.

High product quality for commercial fuels customers throughout the Supply Chain:

Before we Purchase

Shell only sources biodiesel from reliable suppliers. In Hong Kong, biodiesel (B100) is converted from locally collected waste cooking oil and grease trap oil as well as feedstocks imported from other countries. Product Quality is checked by an independent 3rd party laboratory.
Learn more about Shell’s approach to biofuels at


Fuels products that leave a Shell refinery are tested for compliance with relevant specifications to ensure fitness-for purpose.

Depot Storage

In Hong Kong, the Shell Tsing Yi depot is licensed by the HK Fire Services Department to store B100 and blend it into B5. Upon receipt, the depot checks its certificate of analysis as well as its density, conductivity and visual appearance before allowing the product to enter our tanks. Automated in-line blending ensures thorough commingling of biodiesel with regular diesel to ensure the correct mix ratio which is crucial to optimum engine performance.

Additional quality checks and best product housekeeping and management practices are used throughout the storage and blending process to ensure that at all stages the product remains in optimum condition.


Shell Commercial Fuels provides its customers with high quality fuels that are fit-for-purpose and meet relevant specifications. B5 customers benefit from professional fleet delivery, stringent loading & unloading procedures and further in-tank quality checks to ensure product meets specifications.

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