The challenge: Increasing output while reducing costs¹

  • The challenge: Increasing output while reducing costs¹

  • 45% admit that fuel choice contributed to unplanned downtime

  • 53% want help with understanding future energy and vehicle technology options

  • Over half say they could reduce their operating costs by 10% or more each month if they were able to manage fuel usage effectively

1Based on a survey with decision-making staff from the fleet and the construction industries, commissioned by Shell and conducted by Edelman Intelligence.

Did you know?

business people

The total cost of ownership of your fleet includes the cost of your fuel but also much more:

  • The potential increase in costs due to improper selection of fuels.
  • The total cost of the correct maintenance and business processes.
  • The potential decrease in component life owing to poor maintenance.
  • Other variable costs related to fuel management such as leaks, handling/dispensing, admin, training, and others.