Business benefits

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Make fuel work for your bottom line

The business world is changing, with rising costs and a greater environmental focus.

Your fuel choice ultimately impacts your total cost of ownership and operating efficiency. How can you make fuel work for your bottom line?

To stay competitive, you need an energy solution that helps you deliver more with less. Shell FuelSave Diesel, with our most advanced DYNAFLEX Technology1, can take your vehicles and equipment further, at a lower operating cost.

Your business benefits:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Sustainability

It’s more than fuel. It’s the energy that empowers your business.

Technical features

Our latest technology1 for engine efficiency

Engine technology is advancing, placing new and changing demands on diesel. Carbon deposits on the injector nozzles can lead to less efficient combustion and, in turn, to higher fuel consumption and exhaust CO2 emissions, torque loss and unplanned downtime.

Shell FuelSave Diesel with our exclusive dual-detergent DYNAFLEX Technology are especially designed to actively clean up carbon deposits from the injectors and prevent further build-up. Starting to work after just one tank, this helps reduce your operating costs and increase your fleet and equipment efficiency.

Our most advanced cleaning formula¹

  • Better fuel economy

    Shell FuelSave Diesel's clean-up action is designed to help remove carbon deposits from the injectors and prevent further build-up, which can enable fuel economy up to 3%2 and lower operating costs2.

  • Wide range of applications

    Shell FuelSave Diesel can be used in on-road vehicles and off-road equipment and work in both older and newer fleets.

  • Vehicle reliability

    Shell FuelSave Diesel can help you use fuels with bio components, by reducing risk of fuel degradation and sludge build-up2 – so that you can rely on your vehicles to keep your business running.

  • Corrosion protection

    The corrosion inhibitor in Shell FuelSave Diesel helps prevent corrosion in critical fuel system parts and in your storage tank2, so you can safeguard and make the most of your equipment investment.

  • Faster refuelling

    Diesel fuel has a natural tendency to produce foam, which takes up tank space and slows down the refuelling process. Shell FuelSave Diesel are designed to help reduce foaming and allow a full tank refill2.

  • Lower CO₂ emissions and black smoke³

    Higher fuel consumption naturally means higher CO2 emissions. By helping to clean up the injectors from carbon deposits and, in turn, promote more efficient combustion, Shell FuelSave Diesel can help lower CO2 emissions and black smoke3.

  • More load-pulling power

    Shell FuelSave Diesel work to improve engine efficiency, and retain load-pulling power2, after just one tank fill and even with high loads or steep terrain, helping you meet tight production and delivery schedules.

1 DYNAFLEX Technology or DYNAFLEX formulation are our names for our latest generation of advanced formulations for gasoline and diesel fuels.

2 Compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula. Actual savings may vary according to vehicle, driving conditions and driving style. Internal Shell tests and with our customers have shown a range of fuel savings depending on age of vehicle and type of operations.

3 In heavy-duty engines up to and including Euro III.