Shell Tellus Product Range

Shell Tellus Product Range

Shell Tellus hydraulic fluids include extra-long-life synthetic technologies capable of up to four times standard life, through to reliable products for less-demanding applications.

Shell Tellus S2 MX

  • Decrease malfunction

    Lower wear rate 65% in vanes based on an Eaton 35VQ25 pump1

  • Better performance

    Further proof of excellent oxidation stability with a 1,000 hour pass in A2F10

  • More Durable

    Oil life lasts up to 3 times longer in operation than the industry standards and original equipment manufactures’ (OEM) Limit3

  • Approval


1Compared with the OEM wear test Eaton 35VQ25 (E-FDGN-TB002-E) limit
2Compared using TOST ASTM D4310 test
3Compared using TOST ASTM D943 and RPVOT ASTM D2272 tests

CNHTC, China

CNHTC, China

By replacing their hydraulic pump oil with Shell Tellus S2 M 46, CNHTC doubled their oil-drain intervals saving US$15,644.

Download the CNHTC case study
Automotive Component Manufacturer, Thailand

Automotive Component Manufacturer, Thailand

Changing to Shell Tellus S2 M hydraulic oil reduced unscheduled maintenance on Yarnapund’s pipe-bending machine saving over US$71,300 a year.

Download the Yarnapund case study
Omni Plastics, China

Omni Plastics, China

By changing to Shell Tellus S2 M 46, Omni Plastics doubled the oil-drain interval of their hydraulic systems saving a reported US$60,000 annually.

Download the Omni Plastics case study

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