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Inviting all SME fleets to join Shell Fleet + and enjoy a wide array of exclusive offers, including HK$1,200 worth of Shell fuels welcome vouchers.

About Shell Card E-Invoice

Manage your invoices in a timely and environmentally friendly way.

Shell Card

The easy and reliable way to manage and control your fuel payments across Hong Kong Shell stations for your fleet.

Apply for Shell card and Account Amendment Forms

Apply for new card and update your Shell Card account or card profile at ease.

Shell Fleet Solutions – Sustainability Offer

Find out how Shell Fleet Solutions can help you build the sustainability journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

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The Shell Card Customer service team are here to answer your queries or requests and offer advice on how the Shell Card can best suit your needs. Simply contact our team by email, mail, fax or phone.