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We understand the many challenges today’s fleets face on the road to a lower carbon future. Whether you’re just starting to consider alternative fuels or already have electric vehicles, your fleet will produce emissions that are just unavoidable. And that’s where our new carbon offsetting service can help.

It's easy; sign-up and your fleet can drive carbon neutral, simply by using the Shell Card. Shell takes care of the rest, offsetting your fleet's unavoidable carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits from a portfolio of carefully chosen nature-based projects – such as forest developments or grassland preservation projects – that capture and store carbon from the atmosphere.

How does it work?

  • You opt-in to offset for carbon emissions from your fleet. Your drivers use the Shell Card to refuel at Shell. 'Tank-to-wheel' charges will be applied to your account

  • Shell tracks your fleet's overall fuel consumption and calculates the associated 'well-to-wheel' CO₂ emissions

  • Shell will purchase carbon credits equivalent to the amount of your fleet's carbon emissions to offset them through Shell’s global portfolio of nature-based solutions projects

  • Shell will issue an annual verified carbon reduction certificate confirming that the fuel has been offset

You don’t even have to change the way you work – Shell automatically calculates your well-to-wheel carbon emissions and offsets these through Shell’s global portfolio of nature-based solutions projects.

Carbon Offsetting FAQs


"Carbon neutral” indicates that Shell has engaged in a transaction where an amount of CO2 equivalent to the CO2e amount associated with the raw material extraction, transport, production, distribution and usage [or end-of-life, if Lubricants or other non-energy product] of the [product] has been avoided as emissions through the protection of natural ecosystems or removed from the atmosphere through a nature-based process. CO2e (CO2 equivalent) means CO2, CH4, N2O.

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