Under the Shell EnergySave Sites programme, innovative energy-saving features have been introduced at 43 petrol stations to increase energy efficiency.  These include more efficient, daylight-sensitive lighting, improved refrigeration and more efficient heating and air-conditioning systems.

Daniel Ng, Director of Shell Hong Kong Limited, said, “We are delighted to have achieved this impressive reduction in energy use. It is a reward for the efforts we have made to improve energy efficiency across our operations, which is a priority for Shell, one of the world’s leading energy companies.  We have managed to cut our energy consumption by 31% through the initiatives we have taken and are committed to improving energy efficiency at our retail operations even further in the future.”

“To make sustainable gains in energy efficiency, we cannot rely merely on hardware upgrades.  We also need to instill an energy efficient culture among frontline staff to ensure that all energy improvement initiatives are fully implemented.  I am pleased to see that through our various training programmes, we have been able to create such a culture since launching the Shell EnergySave Sites programme in Hong Kong in 2008. ”

The majority of improvements resulting from the programme have been achieved by reducing electricity use. Shell Hong Kong has worked closely with manufacturers to develop more energy efficient solutions and train station staff. None of the changes have affected safety at its petrol stations.

“Providing more fuel efficient products for our customers, such as Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel, is another demonstration of our commitment to improve energy efficiency.” added Ng.

Shell Hong Kong has worked with the Carbon Trust Certification Limited (CTC) to help verify the level of energy efficiency improvements achieved. The company was found to have successfully measured, managed and improved the energy efficiency across the entire petrol station network, making it the first petrol station network to be awarded the coveted Carbon Trust Standard.

Michael Rea, Chief Operating Officer at the Carbon Trust said: “The Carbon Trust Standard is a rigorous, independent assessment of energy reduction. We would like to congratulate Shell Hong Kong for reaching this important milestone of reducing energy consumption for its entire network of petrol stations. Shell’s work in this area demonstrates that a focused approach to energy efficiency can deliver significant cost savings.”

The Shell EnergySave Sites programme has been launched in parallel across other countries including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, the Philippines, and Canada.


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