New pricing details are as follows:

Ex-Filling Station HK$/Litre
Old List Price (Incl. duty)
New List Price** (Incl. duty)
# Shell FuelSave $16.74 $16.94 +0.20
# Shell V Power $17.73 $17.93 +0.20

# Included government excise duty HK$6.06/Litre

“Singapore FOB prices for petrol have increased and led to an increase in product costs,” said Ken Lai, Retail Operations Manager of Shell Hong Kong Limited.

Ken Lai said, “We will continue to monitor the market situation closely and endeavour to bring down the list prices when there is an opportunity. As always, Shell will continue to offer the Hong Kong motorists the highest quality fuels at competitive prices and with the highest level of service standards.”

**Shell Hong Kong strives to provide various discounts off the list price to Hong Kong motorists. For details, please log on to Shell Hong Kong website at or check out from our station attendants.

Media Enquiry:

Bonnie Chu, Communications Manager  2506 7344

Shell Hong Kong Limited

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