“RSA/ Shell Road Safety Goal Zero 2014” Campaign

Nov 30, 2014

Today, the second “RSA/ Shell Road Safety Goal Zero” competition, a large-scale road safety promotion campaign co-organised by Shell Hong Kong Limited and the Hong Kong Road Safety Association (RSA), was held to encourage public awareness of road safety and the importance of proper use of pedestrian crossing facilities.

Award Ceremony of the 33rd Shell/Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled

Nov 07, 2014

Yesterday, the award ceremony of the 33rd Shell/Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled was successfully held at the SAHK B M Kotewall Memorial School. The scholarship is co-sponsored by Shell Hong Kong Limited, the Island Junior Chamber, the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Special Schools Council and the Social Welfare Department. Shell/ Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled was established in 1981, the International Year of Disabled Persons. Since its inception, the scholarship awards programme has been highly popular among schools, students and parents. To date, some 690 scholarship winners have benefited. The organisers expect that such concepts as the sense of social inclusion and equal participation can be promoted through the award.