Two inspiration model aircrafts at all Hong Kong and Macau Shell stations
With the full support of Shell, the first made-in-Hong Kong aircraft Inspiration will embark on a round-the-world journey this August.

28 July 2016, Hong Kong- With a commitment to meeting the growing demand for energy, Shell also gives back to the community by extending happy vibes and positive energy of a different sort. To support the round-the-world journey of Inspiration, the first aircraft built and registered in Hong Kong, Shell will sponsor the fuel expenses and will offer two collectible Inspiration model aircrafts for charity sale from 1 August onwards.

After 8-year collaboration between more than 500 Aviation enthusiasts and Hong Kong secondary school students, Inspiration, made its inaugural flight in November 2015 at Hong Kong International Airport. This year, Inspiration will embark on a three-month round-the-world trip between August and November 2016, which will fly a total of 55,000km, covering 25 countries and 50 stops along the way.

To promote the global flight of Inspiration and inspire young people, Shell is appealing to the local community to support this exciting endeavour. Two collectible Inspiration model aircrafts —Inspiration Glider and Inspiration Premium — will be available for charity sale at all 46 Shell stations in Hong Kong and Macau from 1 August. The models are priced at HK$20 and HK$100 each, while $5 and $25 will be contributed to the Inspiration team.

Shell invites everyone to take the first step in pursuing your dream. Share your dream on the Inspiration webpage ( before 21 August to stand a chance to win fabulous prizes. Shell Bonus Card members may get extra bonus prizes from Shell*.

For more information, please visit Shell’s website (, go to any Shell stations from 1 August to 31 August, or call the Shell Bonus Card Customer Service Hotline (852-2435 4789).

*Shell Bonus Card members have to fill in their Bonus Card number for identification.

Shell is launching the charity sale of two Inspiration model aircrafts at all Hong Kong and Macau Shell stations to power up the round-the-world journey.

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