“Shell Nature Watch- Butterfly Explorer” has been co-organized by Shell and Green Power since 2004. It is the first local large scale educational and monitoring programme with butterflies as the theme. Since 2013, July 14 has become "We Love Butterflies Day" in the city of Hong Kong when butterfly care and conservation is advocated. This year, several political celebrities and artists call for butterfly conservation. Besides, local famous wood artist, Mr. Wong Tin-yan uses upcycling wood waste to be art pieces and there will be BUTTERFLY WONDERLAND Upcycling Art Parade demonstrating butterfly metamorphosis in combination of art and conservation.

Hong Kong is home to more than 260 butterfly species, which is one-tenth the total for China. Hong Kong can be described as a "butterfly paradise". This year, “Shell Nature Watch- Butterfly Explorer” collaborates with Mr. Wong Tin-yan, using upcycling wood waste to make large wood butterflies and caterpillar art pieces. Caterpillar is alike wood waste which is small and not favorable. However, when caterpillar turns into butterfly, it becomes attractive and shiny. With the professions of artist, wood waste can become admirable art pieces.

This year, 7 political celebrities and artists is honored to be the “Butterfly Ambassador”, including Christine Loh Kung-wai JP, Under Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR, Bernard Charnwut Chan GBS, JP, the Executive Council Members, artist Sammy Wong, singer Kandy Wong, singer JW, photographer Karen and local famous wood artist Wong Tin-yan. They used and upgraded wood waste to be colorful wooden wood butterflies and caterpillar art pieces. Those art pieces will be exhibited in the upcoming BUTTERFLY WONDERLAND Upcycling Art Parade advocating butterfly conservation message to everywhere. In November, there will be a butterfly handcraft market with the theme of “Butterfly Metamorphosis”. Tremendous local artists and artist groups is going to demonstrating their unique handmade products with a series of workshops for the public.

For more information, please visit HK Butterfly Net

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