Marine debris is a serious issue and worsening impacting marine and coastal environments worldwide, and Hong Kong water is no exception. Marine pollution affects not only the animals that live in the ocean, but also our own health as the pollutants can reach humans through the food chain. Shell, a proud member of the Hong Kong community for more than a century – is joining hands with Hong Kong people to safeguard the environment by taking small actions that make a difference in the city.  Shell is the Gold Sponsor of “International Coastal Cleanup 2017 Hong Kong”, a global event initiated by the Ocean Conservancy and coordinated locally by the Green Council in Hong Kong. Shell leaders and staff attended the Kick-off Ceremony and Cleanup Day on 9 September, working with over 200 guests, including representatives of other sponsors and supporting organisations, officials, students, parents and media, to remove marine debris from beaches and waterways in Wu Kai Sha Beach.   The engagement were effective in increasing public awareness of the debris issue in Hong Kong marine environment prompting for behavioral change to reduce waste.

A coastal cleanup participant and speaker at the Kick-off Ceremony, Ms Vanessa Tsang, Head of Retail Marketing of Shell, said, “Findings from a survey we conducted earlier suggest that Hong Kong people are facing a dilemma: while they are keen to support waste reduction, they resort to single-use disposable products when convenience comes top-of-mind. To this end, we take the initiative to offer customers with convenient solutions helping to reduce wastes in daily life, for making Hong Kong more sustainable!”

Shell believes that small actions can drive huge results. We do more than fueling journeys on-the-road, we also strive to protect the local environment by working together with community to reduce and recycle wastes. From 15 September 2017 onwards, Shell will launch the “Shell Bring Your Own Foldable Gear” Campaign in which customers can redeem Foldable Food Box, Bamboo Cutlery Set, Foldable Coffee Cup and Foldable Water Bottle at any Shell station at special prices, making it easy for everyone to integrate environmental protection into their everyday habits and live plastic-free.

About International Coastal Cleanup 2017 Hong Kong

The Green Council (GC) has been the official Hong Kong & Macau coordinator for the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) since 2008. During the cleanup activities, data cards are completed by the volunteers, then GC compiles and analyses the data from all the completed data cards. The final result will be published and used to educate the public, business, industry and government authorities about marine debris issue in Hong Kong. Through education and awareness of such issues will bring forth long term solutions and changes in behavior.

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