Shell Hong Kong is proud to announce that the company will extend the paid maternity leave for female colleagues to 16 weeks from currently 10 weeks, demonstrating care for its employees and their families. This refreshed maternity leave policy will take effect on July 1, 2017.

Ms. Carol Lau, General Manager – Human Resources, said, “By extending the paid maternity leave to 16 weeks, Shell becomes one of the leading companies in Hong Kong to ensure that female colleagues at all levels are encouraged to remain with us and to continue to develop their careers if/when they have children, and in particular that our policies and practices relating to maternity leave are aligned and support their further career development.”

The new maternity leave framework adds to the ways in which Shell is actively working to achieve gender balance across the company. External research shows that longer maternity leave positively impacts health for both mothers and children, supports earning power continuity for women, and benefits companies by supporting attraction and retention efforts, thereby reducing spend on recruitment and training. Shell Hong Kong, as a socially responsible company which highly values diversity and inclusion, is taking a proactive position in support of employees balancing work and family.

Media enquiries:

Maggie Lam
External Relations Manager
Tel: 2506 7341

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