With the mounting demand for sustainable solutions from customers across the globe, Shell Group (“Shell”) is actively exploring a range of initiatives that seek to avoid, reduce and offset emissions. As the world’s largest lubricant supplier, Shell Lubricants has a large part to play in delivering Shell’s target to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050 or sooner1; and to develop carbon neutral solutions around the world. In Hong Kong, the initiatives include the recent launch of Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40 and 0W-20 Carbon Neutral Lubricants and motor oil in Ecopack packaging for exclusive partners, as well as reduction of carbon emissions of Tsing Yi Lubricants Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) of Shell Hong Kong.

Carbon Neutral Lubricants - High Performance, Low Emission, Carbon Neutral

Shell has never stop moving forward to a net-zero emissions future with customers through high-quality products and leading-edge technology. One of Shell’s carbon neutral solutions is to increase energy efficiency and fuel economy so to reduce emissions. Trusted by worldwide customers and renowned motor racing teams, Shell Helix Ultra was certified by American Petroleum Institute (API) in July last year that it is compliant with the latest API SP standard. The product demonstrates greater piston cleanliness and sludge control, providing start-stop engine protection for extra durability and fuel economy.

Added to the benefits of “high performance and low emission”, the product has recently advanced to be “Carbon Neutral”. Produced locally in Tsing Yi LOBP of Shell Hong Kong, a green “Carbon Neutral” sticker is added on the bottles of Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40 and 0W-20 Carbon Neutral Lubricants to indicate that the carbon emissions of these products have been offset with verified nature-based carbon credits2. Nature-based carbon offset comprise of all activities related to the protection or redevelopment of natural ecosystems (such as forests, grassland, wetland systems, etc.) to lower concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and compensate for carbon emissions of the product from the life cycle covering raw material extraction, transport, production and distribution.

Shell Helix Ecopack - Slashing Plastic Usage

Designing products with less greenhouse gas emissions and packaging is also one of Shell’s strategic initiatives to reduce emissions. Ecopack for Shell Helix products is introduced as an alternative to traditional plastic packaging to exclusive partners in Hong Kong earlier this month. The 20-litre Ecopack reduces plastic usage by more than 80% and carbon emissions by more than 60%3, it can also be easily transported and recycled.

Shell Hong Kong Actively Pursuing The Group’s Sustainability Goal

Shell has reduced our carbon intensity in its operations by over 30% since 20164. Shell Hong Kong has been actively pursuing the group’s sustainability goal by reducing the carbon intensity in its lubricants business. In 2020, Shell Hong Kong achieved 35% reduction of carbon emissions per unit production in Tsing Yi LOBP compared to 2016 baseline, which is facilitated by the use of energy monitoring systems on electricity and steam, equipment upgrade and operational optimisation which all contributed to improved energy efficiency5. Going forward in 2021, Shell Hong Kong will sustain its efforts to maintain the reduction of carbon emission per unit production in the LOBP at the same level.

Media enquiries:

Charles Cheung
Shell Hong Kong Limited
Assistant Communications Manager
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1 Kline & Company’s Market Analysis and Assessment 2020 Report.
2 Each carbon credit represents the avoidance or removal of greenhouse gas equivalent to one tonne of CO2 equivalent (CO2, CH4 and N2O).
3 Compared with 5 individual 4L Shell Helix bottles.
4 Based on Shell internal reporting.
5 Based on Shell internal reporting.

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