Shell Hong Kong Limited (“Shell”) today announces the successful launch of Shell NXplorers (“NXplorers”) in Hong Kong, a transformational programme that equips educators and young people with the tools and skills they need to reimagine our world and create sustainable solutions to real world issues, including the energy challenges that we are facing. NXplorers is Shell’s flagship global STEM programme which, since its inception in 2017, has been introduced to 20 countries and regions, benefitting over 100,000 participants worldwide.

Closing the Gap Between Teachers and Students in STEM Education

Unlike other countries or regions that the programme is delivered directly to students, Shell has specifically tailored NXplorers for Hong Kong STEM teachers. While STEM education has been a key focus of the Hong Kong SAR Government since 2015, it has remained largely student-oriented with comparatively few training resources for primary school teachers especially on STEM habits of mind like problem-solving, critical thinking and complexity analysis. In view of the crucial role that teachers plays in aspirations, interest and attainment in STEM amongst young people, Shell believes the programme will have a multiplier effect on the number of students impacted, reaching multiple generations.

The programme has two parts, beginning with a 3-day training workshop - teachers were given the tools to train up the thinking that they need to explore the real world challenges that society faces and create possible, lasting solutions. The second part is a post-workshop consultation on instilling NXplorers into the delivery of STEM curricula at schools.

Providing Professional Training for Teachers to Nurture STEM Talent

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group (“HKFYG”), 41 STEM teachers from 13 local primary schools have already completed the training workshops on July 27 and August 20.

Daniel Ng, Managing Director of Shell Hong Kong Limited, said: “Shell is delighted to launch NXplorers in Hong Kong. We believe that STEM education is the key to meet the world’s demand for energy whilst reducing carbon emissions and creating bettering society for those who come after us. We aim to help young people through their teachers to see themselves as positive agents of change and enable them to reimagine our world, giving them the confidence to make a difference in Hong Kong and globally.”

Kenneth Lee, Supervisor (Innovation & Creativity) of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group, said: “We are happy to collaborate with Shell and pleased to see the support towards STEM teachers. We are excited that the teachers enjoyed the workshops and are committed to adopt the innovative learning and teaching approaches in their day-to-day teaching. We look forward to witnessing the successful impact of the programme and how students will be further inspired and benefitted.”

In the coming months, HKFYG will guide the teachers on how to apply the NXplorers learnings to their STEM teaching plans and pass the skills onto their students throughout the coming school year.

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Shell NXplorers

Shell Hong Kong embarked on NXplorers programme to enthuse, empower and equip future generations through their STEM teachers with vital skills in systems thinking, scenario planning and theory of change.