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Shell Advance Motorcycle Engine Oil

Shell Advance motorcycle oils are formulated to cool, clean and protect your motorcycle, improving engine life.

High Performance Fully Synthetic

Shell Advance 4T Ultra 10W-40


  • High temperature

    Protects at high temperatures

    Riding on a hot day can be a challenge. With Shell Advance you can be confident that you can outride the heat, because Shell Advance has been formulated to perform 25% better at high temperatures than a leading competitor.

  • Retains horsepower

    Retains horsepower

    When you’re on the road you want your bike to perform at an optimum level. Our field trials have demonstrated that with Shell Advance in your engine, there is no power loss throughout your journey.

  • Improves fuel economy

    Improves fuel economy

    When you’re on a ride you want to be able to go further for longer. Shell Advance Ultra improves fuel economy by 5kmpl over a mineral oil, giving you the confidence to always go the extra mile.

  • Thoroughly cleans your pistons

    Thoroughly cleans your pistons

    The cleaner your bike’s engine, the better its performance. Shell Advance cleans pistons 33% better than a leading competitor, so you can be confident wherever your next journey takes you.

  • Strengthens engine

    Strengthens engine

    Wear and tear can be critical to your bike’s performance. With Shell Advance, your bike will be protected against engine wear 36% better than API limits. So you can focus on the road and outride anything.

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ducati rider riding a motorbike

Shell’s Technical Partnership with Ducati Corse

Shell and Ducati began their journey together in 1999, with Shell supporting Ducati Corse in the World Superbike Championship, before the two later joined forces to contest the MotoGP World Championship. The partnership is one of the most successful in premier motorcycle racing, with over 150 race wins in total, and seven Riders’ World Titles in MotoGP (2007) and the World Superbike Championship (1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008). All race bikes used by the Ducati Corse factory team in MotoGP run on bespoke race formulations of Shell Advance motorcycle oil.

This iconic partnership has since gone on to become one of the most enduring and recognised in the world of premier motorcycle racing.

The technical partnership between the two iconic brands has been a major success both on and off the track, enabling the continued development of Shell Advance motorcycle oil and Shell V-Power performance fuel in the most demanding settings for the benefit of bikers around the world. Also, Ducati not only uses Shell products on the track, but also chooses Shell Advance Ultra motorcycle oil as the first fill for every Ducati road bike that leaves its factory in Bologna, Italy.

The transfer of knowledge gained from the track to Shell product’s for the road is central to the Technical partnership with Ducati, MotoGP provides the most extreme test bed for Shell’s products.


Shell BMW Advantec

BMW’s ADVANTEC from Shell

Shell has been chosen by BMW AG as its only recommended global supplier for factory-fill and aftermarket engine oils for BMW Motorrad. From the start of 2015, Shell will produce and supply BMW’s branded engine oils available to customers at BMW Group’s network of more than 3,500 dealers, in more than 140 countries. These products will meet the latest BMW engine specifications and are underpinned by Shell’s PurePlus Technology.


honda motorcycle rider

Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup-powered by Honda

Shell Advance is the proud title-sponsor of the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup-an exciting new competition which will act as a feeder series to promote the best young talents from world of motorcycle racing. The project started in 2014 and aims to give riders from the Asian and Australian regions a formal path into competitive road racing. The top tier Shell Advance Ultra with PurePlus Technology, lubricates and protects the Honda NSF250R Moto3 bikes, which are the official racing machines in the Shall Advance Asia Talent Cup.

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Shell's technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, race and rider profiles for the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup and follow the Ducati team

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