There has been a surge in ingenuine engine oils found across Mainland China and Eurasian Regions in recent years. With increased products from unknown or unauthorized sources flooding into the local market, it is difficult for customers to distinguish genuine and counterfeit motor oils at a glance. In light of this, we advise customers to purchase genuine products only, with the "Made in Hong Kong" label (in Traditional Chinese) on the front of the product, to prevent from being deceived. Not only does it assure the excellent quality of genuine lubricants, it also gives your car engine the most credible guarantee and a vote of confidence.

Besides, customers should stay vigilant if the product price is exceptionally low or dropped drastically. Do not hesitate to reach our Authorized Distributors. Visit the links of our Authorized Distributors to read more.


Authorized Distributors

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  • With the "Made in Hong Kong" label (in Traditional Chinese) on the front of the product;
  • No scratches and/or wear off on the bottle and the label;
  • The bottle cap is properly sealed and there is an aluminium foil seal beneath the cap.

Colour & Viscosity

Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40
  • Genuine lubricant is golden and pure, while counterfeit lubricant is blackish in colour and may have a burnt odour;
  • Take careful note if the viscosity is different from it used to be.
Energy users in transport asia

Important Notes to Car Owners

  • Shell has been the #1 Global Lubricant Supplier for 14 years in a row1;
  • Shell Helix Ultra is compliant with API SP Specification, tailored for small displacement turbo engines;
  • Shell PurePlus technology protects the car engine to the fullest, regardless of extremely high or low temperature;
  • A green “Carbon Neutral” sticker is adhered to every bottle of Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40 and 0W-20 Carbon Neutral Lubricants to indicate that the carbon emissions of these products have been offset with verified nature-based carbon credits2
  • If you would like to seek any technical support regarding issues related to lubricants, please contact our customer service at

1 Kline & Company’s Market Analysis and Assessment 2020 Report.
2 Each carbon credit represents the avoidance or removal of greenhouse gas equivalent to one tonne of CO2 equivalent (CO2, CH4 and N2O)

Shell helix ultra carbon

Important Notes to Garage Workshops

  • All 4L bottles should have the ‘Made in Hong Kong’ label (in Traditional Chinese);
  • Please cross-check with Shell Authorized Distributors promptly, if you are offered with a bevy of sales promotions and special deals from traders and online sellers to prevent possible scams.

Official Distributors

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