Lubricants play a vital role in keeping the world moving. As the world’s needs for mobility increase, so too will the demand for lubricants1. There is a need to balance this increase in demand with the environmental impact of lubricants. As part of Shell Lubricants, we understand customers and consumers expect brands to offer sustainable products and services and make it easier for them to make sustainable choices2. Motorists and vehicle manufacturers want lower-carbon alternatives for their current and future mobility needs.

Shell is the biggest supplier of lubricants in the world3. Shell Lubricants focuses on delivering products designed to achieve efficiencies in any technology with moving metal parts, helping achieve fuel economies in passenger and commercial vehicles.

To achieve this, we are focused on two strategic initiatives:

  • Reducing CO2 intensity of our own products.
  • Helping customers manage their sustainability needs.


CO2 compensation does not imply that there is no environmental impact from the production and use of the product as associated emissions remain in the atmosphere. CO2 compensation is not a substitute for switching to lower emission energy solutions or reducing the use of fossil fuels. Shell businesses focus first on emissions that can be avoided or reduced and only then, compensate the remaining emissions. “Carbon neutral” or “CO2 compensated” indicates that Shell will engage in a transaction where an amount of CO2 equivalent to the value of the remaining CO2e emissions associated with the raw material extraction, transport, production, distribution, usage, and end-of-life of the product are compensated through the purchase and retirement of carbon credits generated from CO2 compensation projects. Although these carbon credits have been generated in accordance with international carbon standards, the compensation may not be exact.

CO2e (CO2 equivalent) refers to CO2, CH4, N2O.

1 Global Lubricants: Market Analysis and Assessment Report 2019, Kline

2 Customers and consumers are increasingly expecting brands to offer sustainable products and services as a table-stake, with 74% globally citing environmental concerns. Consumers want brands to make it easier for them to make sustainable choices (43%), Project Maximus, Shell Insights + Kantar, Nov 2019

3 Kline & Co

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