Shell Helix Ultra Professional AB-L 0W-301L

Fully synthetic motor oil – Tailored to meet engine manufacturer special requirements.

Shell Helix Ultra Professional AB-L 0W-30 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of Mercedes-Benz high-performance engines requiring MB-Approval 229.52/229.51. 

Shell Helix Ultra Professional AB-L 0W-30 provides:

  • Fuel Efficiency – ACEA fuel economy – MB M111FE (CEC-L-54-T-96). A 2.6% fuel efficiency improvement versus industry reference oil.
  • Engine wear and durability
  • Mercedes-Benz specific in-house tests
  • Engine cleanliness

Specifications: API SN; ACEA C3; MB-Approval 229.52, 229.51, 229.31

Available Packaging:

  • 20L EcoBox – exclusive to selected workshop partners only
  • 1L Metal Tin – Limited Edition, NOT FOR SALE

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