What is Shell Rimula with Dynamic Protection Plus Technology?

Dynamic Protection Plus Technology is a combination of synthetic base oil technology and our Adaptive Additive Technology. It’s engine oil that works as hard as you.

Benefits of Shell Rimula Dynamic Protection Plus Technology


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Long oil and engine life

Less engine wear and increased durability is vital to avoid any unplanned downtime so you can get the most out of your engine and extend its life span. The anti-wear booster developed by Shell scientists provides better protection against friction in highly stressed areas of the engine 2.

Oil Drain Intervals

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Longer oil drain intervals

Longer oil drain intervals could mean less vehicle downtime for you, keeping you and your equipment on the road for longer.

Fuel Savings

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Increased fuel savings

Low viscosity could help to improve fuel consumption and the overall maintenance costs to your business 3.

Cleaner pistons

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Cleaner pistons

Cleaner pistons5 mean a smoother, more efficient engine.

Equipment compatibility

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Emissions equipment compatibility

Efficiently running your engine means effectively managing the wellbeing of your business. After treatment devices such as Diesel Particulate Filters trap potentially harmful soot and ash combustion by-products before they can be released to the environment. Blocked filters increase fuel consumption, so the low-ash additive system in is designed to actively reduce filter blocking 4.

Which products have Dynamic Protection Plus Technology?

The Shell Rimula R5 and R6 range use Dynamic Protection Plus Technology1, which could provide real fuel savings3 that can help lower your operation cost and provide protections that can help to reduce maintenance costs.

Shell Rimula Ultra

Shell Rimula Ultra is formulated with Shell’s innovative Dynamic Protection Plus technology.

Shell Rimula R6 LM

Low emissions and maintenance saving – ideal for fleets with vehicles of mixed ages and mixed engine brands.

Shell Rimula R5 LE

No matter how hot, cold, steep, dusty, muddy or extended your operations, you need to know that your oil will protect your engine under all conditions.


  1. The synthetic oils of Shell Rimula are products in the Shell Rimula R5 and R6 range, except Shell Rimula R6 ME and Shell Rimu la R5 LM.
  2. Up to 51% better engine wear protection compared to revised more stringent MB 228.51 limit, as measured in s MB OM 646 LA eng ine tests.
  3. Compared to industry standard 10W 40 oils. Exact benefits and/or savings may vary, depending on, for example, vehicle type, the application, the operating conditions, the current products being used, the condition of the equipment and the maintenance practices.
  4. Unique low ash additive system designed to perform with diesel particulate filters (DPF).
  5. Up to 45% better piston cleanliness compared to the, revised more stringent MB 228.51 limit, as measured in MB OM 501 LA engine tests.


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