During the Promotion Period, customers can purchase 1 pack of Hextrax Puzzle (Blue) at MOP$10 in Shell Select convenience store. The whole collection of Hextrax have 50 puzzle, check out how to play:

Race with Shell Racing App


Puzzle front

Match the tracks in the way you like and scan the puzzle with the Shell Racing App to convert it into your own virtual track within the game.

Physical Challenge

Download the Shell Racing App as a remote control, and start racing!

Virtual Challenge

Compete with players from all over the world anytime and anywhere with the virtual racing game in the Shell Racing App. You can even create and upload your own custom track by scanning the Hextrax Puzzle through the app!

There is a total of 50 Hextrax Puzzle designs packaged separately in blue (5 pieces) and red (6 pieces) available for redemption in different ways.

The promotion of Shell x BMW Motorsport Bluetooth® Remote Control Car starting from 3 October to 31 December. During the Promotion period, customers can redeem (i) a Model Car with 2 packs of Hextrax Puzzle (Blue); and/or (ii) a Battery, at a designated price for every purchase of Shell gasoline up to MOP$300 (per receipt, net of discount, voucher and coupon amount) with the use of designated Shell Bonus Card or Shell Card. Each customer can redeem up to 2 pieces of Model Cars or Battery if purchase reaches MOP$600 or above.

Purchase Details Shell V-Power Redemption Price (MOP) Shell FuelSave Redemption Price (MOP)
1 piece of Shell x BMW M series diecast model car and 2 Hextrax Puzzle packs (Blue) $59 $89
1 piece of Rechargeable Bluetooth® Remote Control Battery $49 $79

Exclusive Offer for Car Care Customers

During the Promotion Period, customers using Shell Bonus Card or Shell Card can redeem 1 piece of BMW M5 Safety Car (Black), 1 piece of Batteryand 1 pack of Hextrax Puzzle (Red) at a designated price upon purchase of Shell lubricant change service.

1 piece of 1:41 BMW M5 Safety Car (Black) +1 piece of Rechargeable Bluetooth® Remote Control Battery +1 pack of Hextrax Puzzle (Red)
Shell Helix Power or Shell Helix Protect lubricant change service Free for 1 Set
Purchase of other Shell lubricant change Redemption Price MOP$98 for 1 Set 

  • BMW M1

    BMW M1

    The original design of the BMW M series that inspired the Procar Championship Series.

  • BMW M4

    BMW M4 GT3

    A new star on the track especially developed for the 2022 GT3 competition, with more power and control.

  • BMW M3

    BMW M3 (E30)

    The most successful touring car, winning the FIA World Touring Car Championship and the European Touring Car Championship.

  • BMW M5

    BMW M5 Safety Car (White)

    Official designated safety car of the MotoGP Championship for over 20 years.


    BMW 3.0 CSL

    Known as the Batmobile. It is the first BMW Art Car to compete, and has won 6 champion titles in the European Championships.

  • BMW Z4 GT3

    BMW Z4 GT3

    Champion of the Japanese Super GT Series GT3000 class in 2011 and awardee of several 24-hour endurance races.

Get 1 stamp distributed by the staff for each diecast model car you redeem

Collect 3 stamps to exchange a Rechargeable Bluetooth® Remote Control Battery for free.