The “Retro JDM Festival” will start from June 1 until August 15 and will feature a total of 8 designs of 1:64 JDM model cars and model pit garage in five phases, including 2 Toyota Supra models, that are known as one of the four reigning kings of JDM, and 2 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo models that have secured countless wins in the World Rally Championship events. Also, another 4 “Secret Edition” model cars, featuring the 4 models mentioned, will be ready with a model pit garage that has been modelled after the ones found in the actual racecourse shown in “Gran Turismo® 7”! Moreover, Shell has rolled out as well a Shell Exclusive Container, which can only be acquired upon purchase of Shell Car Care services at Shell stations. The exclusive JDM Special Collection comes with various features that will surely spark the purchase wave!

Shell customers can pre-order the “Exclusive Crossover JDM Special Collection” for every purchase of gasoline up to HK$500 using a Shell Bonus Card, Shell Value Card or Shell Card, or for every purchase of diesel up to HK$1,000 (per single receipt, after deduction of voucher, conditional coupon and discount amount) with a Shell Card or Shell Diesel Card.

Purchase Details JDM Model Car Pre-order Price (HKD)

Pit Garage

Pre-order Price (HKD)

Every purchase of Shell V-Power gasoline up to HK$500



Every purchase of Shell FuelSave gasoline up to HK$500/

Shell FuelSave Diesel up to HK$1,000



Furthermore, customers can pre-order the “Exclusive Crossover JDM Special Collection” after purchasing a HK$500 Shell Voucher from HKTVmall. For redemption, customers need only follow the redemption instructions, note the delivery date, and present the QR code found in their order confirmation e-mail to Shell staff at their pre-selected Shell station of choice. Once verified, customers will receive their pre-ordered product as well as 5 pieces of HKD$100 Shell Voucher*.

*The Voucher entitles the bearer to redeem Shell products and services including fuels (at list price), Shell Select Convenience Store products, Lubricant Change service, Car Wash and other Car Care services etc. The voucher is not applicable to Auto LPG, rice, cigarettes, Shell promotion premiums, and other specified goods.

Purchase Details HKTVmall Package Price (HKD)
JDM Model Car and HKD$500 Shell Voucher


Pit Garage and HKD$500 Shell Voucher


Exclusive Offer for Car Care Customers
During the Promotion period, customers using Shell Bonus Card, Shell Value Card or Shell Card can pre-order or redeem a model car of Exclusive Crossover JDM Special Collection and a Shell Exclusive Container at a designated price upon purchase of Shell Car Care services.

1 piece of Exclusive Crossover JDM Special Collection + 1 piece of Shell Exclusive Container
Shell Helix Power or Shell Helix Protect lubricant change service Free for 1 Set (1 piece each)
Purchase of Car Detailing Services up to HK$1,000 Free for 1 Set (1 piece each)
Purchase of other Lubricant Change/Battery Replacement/Tyre Replacement/Car Detailing/Car Wash service Redemption Price HK$138 for 1 Set (1 piece each)

Phase 1

Shell V-Power

Pre-ordering starts May 27 (HKTVmall)

Pre-ordering starts June 1 (Shell Stations)

 Toyota Supra RZ ’97 Normal and Secret Edition

One of the four heavenly kings of JDM. Functionality and design has a high potential for after market modifications.

Get Set

Shell Exclusive Container

**redeemable only via Shell Car Care services at stations

Design with Shell unique and iconic brand style. Can open and place a JDM model car.

Phase 2

Gran Turismo

Pre-ordering starts June 8 (Shell Stations & HKTVmall)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR’98 Normal and Secret Edition

Created specifically for the World Rally Championship (WRC). An upgrade on the classic fourth-generation Evo that has won the champion title twice.

Phase 3

Play Station

Pre-ordering starts June 15 (Shell Stations & HKTVmall)

Shell x Gran Turismo® 7 x Tarmac Works Pit Garage

Modelled after pit garage found on the actual race courses in-game. Comes with Shell, GT’s 25th Anniversary and Tarmac Works branding.

Phase 4


Pre-ordering starts  June 22 (Shell Stations & HKTVmall)

Toyota Supra 3.0 GT Turbo A’88 Normal and Secret Edition

The third-generation Supra boasts high-performance at an affordable price and is well sought after by the younger generation seeking a luxury sports car.

Phase 5

Shell V-Power

Pre-ordering starts  June 29 (Shell Stations & HKTVmall)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR T.M. Edition’99 Normal and Secret Edition

Designed to withstand the harshest of World Rally Championship race tracks, The Lancer has both competitiveness and style.