After consuming the beverage, what you need to do is just follow 4 simple steps to clean the beverage carton, and pick a Shell station on your way to recycle it.

4 Steps of clean carton recycling

  • Remove the straw, sleeve and cap
  • Cut the beverage carton open to rinse and clean it
  • Flatten the beverage carton
  • Drop it off at a carton recycling bin

Where do the recycled beverage cartons go?

The cartons collected from the recycling bins will be sent to Mil Mill, the first local beverage carton recycling plant in Hong Kong.  Mil Mill can process approximately 10 tonnes of beverage cartons daily, and convert them into paper pulp.  We are also selling Mil Mill tissue rolls and pop-up napkin at Shell convenience stores.

For more information on Mil Mill and its upcycled paper products:

Shell stations with “Vita Carton Recycling Bin”:

Station Address Telephone
Tseung Kwan O station* 100 Po Hong Road 27036373
Kowloon Bay (West)* 6 Kai Fuk Road, towards Tokwawan 27989508
Lei Yue Mun* 8 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong 23499893
Kowloon Reservoir* 488 Tai Po Road 23865977
Tsuen Wan New* 731-737 Castle Peak Road, Tai Wo Hau, towards Tuen Mun 24201851
Kwai Chung 682-688 Castle Peak Road, Tai Wo Hau, towards Kowloon 24200518
San Hui* 3 San Tak Street, Tuen Mun 24598130
Au Tau* 2K, Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long 24788229
Hung Shui Kiu* 202 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long 24742578
Airport Cargo 20 Chun Wan Road, H.K. International Airport, Chek Lap Kok  22150088

* This Shell station also sells MilMill tissue rolls and pop-up napkin