Feeling the Love at Shell

On a message board at the Shatin Heights Shell station, we recently noticed a message that was left by a customer showing his gratitude to our Customer Service Officer, May, and our Duty Manager, Chung. The customer had visited our station one day along with his wife and baby. Upon noticing that the mother and baby were experiencing a diaper emergency of sorts, May and Chung immediately led them to the station’s changing facilities, allowing the mother to change her baby’s diaper in a bright and well-equipped area.

As the mother was trying to juggle a multitude of things including the baby, wet wipes, and diapers, May ensured that she was by her side every step of the way, assisting her throughout the entire process. And though it was a simple and small gesture, the family was extremely grateful for the help of these two staff members, leaving a message that read, “May and Chung treated my family very well… I am really touched by their hospitality.”

Observe. Serve. Extend help before a customer asks. These are the values and attitudes that every Shell staff member embraces as they serve our customers.


(Updated: 2016.11.15)

Kindness Makes a Difference

Duty manager at Macau’s Inner Port Shell station, Pui, upholds the core values of Shell both on and off duty. Nine months ago, Pui noticed a five-year-old child alighted a school bus in front of his station every day, then pacing back and forth on the sidewalk for an extended period of time. He later realised that the child’s home was directly across from the station, and that the boy would hesitate for a long time before crossing the road due to heavy traffic. Shortly thereafter, Pui took it upon himself to take the child’s hand and accompany him across the road almost every day, bringing him safely home and even getting familiar with his family members.

The child’s family operates a motorcycle petrol station and originally they were not Shell patrons. However, after getting to know Pui, they ultimately chose Shell as their main gas station for its premium petrol and services.

Initially offering a helping hand without any intention of seeking a reward, Pui unintendedly brought business to his company simply by taking that extra step with kindness, compassion, and heart.


(Updated: 2016.11.15)

Fueling Dreams

Fueling Dreams at Shell Shatin City One

One day in September, the Shell Shatin City One station was abuzz with activity. It turns out a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and her crew were shooting a scene for an independent short film, which was to be submitted to an international short film festival. The following day, Shell station staff members were pleasantly surprised by a special delivery from the same crew of young people, who had prepared a box of homemade coconut pudding and a thank you note as a token of their gratitude. They thanked Shell for allowing them to use the station for shooting, as well as the station staff for their help, support, and understanding.

In living out our mission to bring joy to our customers and the people of Hong Kong, we were more than happy to open up our station to this group of young artists in an effort to help them realise their dream. Here at Shell, we thrive on fueling the dreams of our fellow Hong Kongers!


(Updated: 2016.12.05)

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