During the designated charging period, you can enjoy shopping or having a break in the shopping mall. Free parking may also be provided from car park if available (free parking details need to check with shopping mall policy).

If Shell Recharge is located in Shell Service Station, you can also visit nearby Shell Select shop with a full range of cold beverages, snacks, ice creams and different monthly specials. Find the hot deals for this month here!

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About Shell Recharge

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New & Improved Shell Fuels

Discover the New & Improved Shell Fuels that clean your engine for better mileage.

Shell Engine Oils and Lubricants

Shell Lubricants brings world-class technological insights to its products, offering you the best formulations for your vehicle.

Shell Recharge for EVs

Shell Recharge is a subscription-free, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging service that uses electricity from 100% renewable energy sources1.