Efficiency oils


four shell helix ultra cans

Shell Helix Car Engine Oils

Designed from natural gas, this revolutionary motor oil protects your engine against wear and corrosion, reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of your engine.

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Shell Advance packshots

Shell Advance Motorcycle Engine Oils

When your bike engine is running well, you can feel the difference. Shell Advance's specially-developed RCE technology contains special antioxidant agents and cleaning agents to protect and maintain your engine.

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Trucks and heavy vehicles

Rimula Truck Heavy-Duty packshots

Shell Rimula Truck and Heavy-Duty Engine Oils

If your business depends on your vehicle, maintenance and downtime can cost you. Shell Rimula's adaptive technology offers wear protection and improved fuel economy, lowering your costs and increasing reliability.

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Shell FuelSave Fuels

Shell FuelSave Fuels

Our new fuel formula designed to improve economy from the very first drop.

Shell FuelSave Fuels

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Economical driving tips

Small changes in your driving style can save a lot of fuel. Follow our tips and learn how to go further for less.

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