If any frontline staff at Shell stations is suspected of being infected or confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, all staff must undergo rapid antigen testing. If we find a positive test result, we will immediately close the station and arrange for disinfection.

The station will be reopened after disinfection and operated with a team of staff who have passed the rapid antigen test. As manpower arrangements are expected to be tighter than normal, the operating hours of stations may be affected, the transaction time may take longer, and some services may not be available. Restrooms are temporarily closed for public health reasons. If there is any inconvenience, thank you for your understanding!

To further provide a safe refueling environment, all Shell stations are regularly disinfected with photocatalyst antibacterial coatings, and our staff regularly disinfect the basic equipment in the station every day, including fuel pumps and refrigerator door handles, etc. Customers are welcome to take their temperature when entering the convenience store and use the hand sanitizer provided outside the convenience store.

Shell continues to walk with you all the way during the ongoing pandemic and cheers for you!

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