Hong Kong is home to more than 260 butterfly species, which is one-tenth the total for China. Hong Kong is therefore known as a "butterfly paradise". Since 2004, Shell partnered with Green Power to organised “Shell Nature Watch - Butterfly Explorer”. It was the first large-scale butterfly-themed educational program in Hong Kong, with over a million times of participation so far.

Through school education, community promotion, and ecological surveys, the programme aimed to increase public awareness and concern of butterflies. Shell Hong Kong was pleased to have fully support the programme to encourage public participation in conservation of local butterfly diversity.

The last “Shell Nature Watch - Butterfly Explorer” programme was held successfully in 2019. Shell is committed to continue its support to promote environmental conservation in Hong Kong.

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Shell/ Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled has become a special honour and a great encouragement to students with special educational needs (SEN).

Hong Kong Volunteer Team

Shell Hong Kong Volunteer Team, upholding the slogan “To Serve, To Share, To Sustain”.

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