Shell Nature Watch - Butterfly Explorer has been co-organised by Green Power and Shell Hong Kong since 2004. It is the first large-scale butterfly-themed educational program in Hong Kong, with over a million times of participation so far. Through community promotion, school education and ecological surveys, we increase public awareness and concern of butterflies to protect local butterfly diversity.

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Highlight of 2017 Programme

  • 7.14 “We Love Butterflies Day”: Hong Kong first stipulated day to conserve and care for a specific type of animal.
  • Butterfly x Street Art: Six local art groups have created artworks in the theme of butterfly in the Wan Chai and Causeway Bay neighbourhoods, integrating conservation, art and community
  • Butterfly Surveyor: Citizens are trained to participate in a long-term butterfly monitoring survey
  • Butterfly Ambassador: Recruit Hong Kong citizens to promote butterfly conservation
  • Shell Butterfly Club: First Butterfly Club for all Hong Kong citizens to join

(1) 7.14 We Love Butterflies

Hong Kong has rich biodiversity with over 260 butterfly species, which is one-tenth the total of China. Considering the ratio of species to land area, Hong Kong has a very high diversity of butterflies, and can be described as a "butterfly paradise". Hong Kong previously had no specific “Wildlife Protection Day”. Since 2013, we have designated July 14 each year as “We Love Butterflies Day”, which is the first stipulated day to conserve and care for a specific type of animal, to increase public awareness of Hong Kong butterflies.

Four celebrities from different sectors are invited to be Green Ambassadors, including Swimming Athlete Ms. Stephanie Au, Entertainer Mr. Sammy Leung, Director Fire, and DJ Mali. To match this year’s event, “Butterfly x Street Art”, they have created butterfly wall paintings on a miniature model of Wan Chai traditional buildings, thus turning the miniature city into a butterfly world.

(2) Butterfly x Street Art

The main event of July 14 “We Love Butterflies Day”. Six local art groups join hands to lead the “Butterfly x Street Art” Campaign by creating large-scale wall paintings, staircase paintings, yarn bombing (urban knitting), and art installations in six locations in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, transforming streets and narrow lanes in the city into a “Butterfly Garden”. The public can learn more about the behaviour and ecology of butterflies, simply by scanning the QR codes on the paintings. Six butterfly street art creations will be displayed in phases, starting from July 14 till the end of this year. On the other hand, different parties in the community have been invited to join our activities, including the Wan Chai Butterfly Fun Watching Tour and Community Art Workshop. Students will also be invited to join in the artwork creation process. The campaign combines conservation and community with art.

Citizens can also take part in the “Butterfly x Street Art” Challenge and “Photo.Share Your Butterfly Moments” to win wonderful prizes:

  • “Butterfly x Street Art” Challenge
    There are hidden “mysteries” in each of the butterfly street art creations. Solve the mysteries to win a special edition of tote bag designed by artist Ah Leung. Questions will be posted on the Butterfly Care Facebook Page.
  • “Photo.Share Your Butterfly Moments” - Collect Likes for Butterflies
    Citizens can share your photos such as self-portraits and group photos taken during your visit to the Butterfly Street Arts or butterflies in Wan Chai or Causeway Bay on social media, to win a special edition of folder designed by artist Ah Leung. Invite friends to ‘like’ the photos on social media to win a prize.

(3) Butterfly Surveyor

Established in 2008, Hong Kong first-ever Butterfly Surveyor group formed by citizens. Participants will undertake a series of indoor and outdoor training sessions and assessments before becoming Butterfly Surveyors. There are currently 286 qualified butterfly surveyors forming groups to survey 11 butterfly hotspots.

Butterfly monitoring hotspots include San Tau (Tung Chung), Mui Wo (Lantau Island), Pak Sha O and Lai Chi Chong (Sai Kung), Yung Shue O and Sham Chung (Sai Kung), Luk Keng (Fanling), Wu Kau Tang (Tai Po), She Shan and Ng Tung Chai (Lam Tsuen, Tai Po), Yuen Tun Ha (Tai Po), Sha Tau Kok, Ho Sheung Heung - Long Valley - Lok Ma Chau and the newly added site in Tai Lam Country Park (Kam Tin).

(4) Butterfly Ambassador

Recruit citizens to promote butterfly conservation. All individuals at the age of 9 or above are welcome. Theory class and outdoor trainings are provided for ambassadors to learn about butterfly ecology and butterfly eco-tour guiding skills. After the training, ambassadors can organize various kinds of community promotional activities to further promote butterfly conservations and butterfly watching culture to different sectors of the society.

Application: From now till 31 July 2017 (

(5) Shell Butterfly Club

The Club now boasts over 80,000 butterfly lovers in Hong Kong. A platform for sharing information on butterflies, the Club also enables interaction among members and organises various activities. Members who join the ‘B Fun Reward Points’ programme can participate in activities and redeem butterfly gifts using their points.

Shell Butterfly Club year-round recruitment:


For more details about the above activities:

Facebook: 全城愛蝶 Butterfly Care

Instagram: @butterflycare

Enquiry : 3961 0200

HK Butterfly Net


For more details about 2017 Program Press Release

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