In a rapidly-changing world, problem-solving, critical thinking and complexity analysis are becoming ever more important. To support the development of these ‘STEM habits of mind’, Shell has adopted NXplorers as its flagship global STEM programme. NXplorers is a transformational programme which seeks to teach young people and their teachers how to embrace complexity through real world issues. It asks young people: “What problem do you want to solve?” and equips them with the tools and methodologies to create solutions for their vision of the future.

Teachers play a crucial role in aspirations, interest and attainment in STEM amongst young people. Supporting teachers provides opportunities to develop and enhance their subject knowledge, particularly in the real-world context, and to improve and upskill their teaching methodologies. Upskilling teachers has a multiplier effect on the number of students impacted, reaching multiple generations.

Following a successful roll-out in 2021, Shell Hong Kong continues to engage the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) to deliver training workshops to Hong Kong STEM teachers in strengthening their STEM habits of mind. The workshop and the follow-up consultation will also empower the teachers to incorporate problem-solving and creativity into their delivery of STEM curricula, aided by high quality NXplorers material and tools.

In the 2022-23 school year, there will be two NXplorers workshops available in November 2022 and April 2023 to government and subsidised primary school STEM teachers. For registration details, please visit the website of the HKFYG.

What is NXplorers?

NXplorers is a proven, innovative education programme. The programme introduces the complex and creative thinking skills needed to become positive agents in the process of change and equips participants with practical tools that enable them to:

  • Explore


    Explore complex issues and the interconnected ideas related to food, water and energy

    • What are the issues?
    • What’s causing the issues?
    • How can we dig deeper into the issues?
  • Create


    Create a range of future scenarios

    • What would happen if nothing changed?
    • What actions could bring about change?
    • What is our preferred future?
  • Change


    Identify practical solutions that can change things for the better

    • What action can lead to our preferred future?

For more information

Shell Hong Kong runs NXplorers locally in partnership with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. The NXplorers programme is also available in the following locations:

Australia, Brazil, Brunei, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Trinidad & Tobago, UAE, Vietnam. For more information about NXplorers, please visit the programme’s website.

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