The Shell / Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled, established in 1981, was jointly organised by Shell Hong Kong Limited, Junior Chamber International Island and Hong Kong Special Schools Council. Since its inception, the scholarship awards programme was highly popular among schools, students and parents. Each year, 10 outstanding students were selected for the Outstanding Disabled Student Award. In 1993, the Best Progress Award was established to further motivate students with SEN to achieve improvements. The Best Integrated Student Award was set up in 2001 to encourage students with SEN who studied in ordinary schools. In recognition of students who demonstrated notable effort in helping students with SEN integrate into school life and significantly foster integrated learning experience in schools, the Caring Integrated Student Award was established in 2011 to further advocate integrated education. In 2017, Diversified Potential Development Project was brought out to offer encouragement to the students studying in special schools to further pursue their visions on diversified ability development.

Thousands of students have been commended over the years through this scholarship. We are greatly convinced that students, whether they are from normal or special schools, deserve an equal opportunity to develop themselves. Through attentive guidance, students are able to fly high and contribute to the society.

The last “Shell / Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled” was successfully held in 2019. Shell will continue to promote a diversified and inclusive society through different activities.

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